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Vigtige detaljer for TinyCockSissyboi
Køn Mand
Højde 5'10" - 6" [175cm - 185cm]
Vægt 180 - 200 lbs [80 - 90 kg]
Penisen Lille
Hvad der gør mig liderlig
Girls always requesting that I open my cam because they can’t believe how tiny my dick is, they need to see it to believe it. Watching the reactions of shock and uncontrollable laughter as they see my cock.
Om mig
Hi, I’m a good looking guy that has become aware that I have an incredibly tiny penis. I alway***new it was small but not like shocking small. I love to show it off and watch the shock when girls see it. I’ve also been sucking dick a lot lately and showing off my ass because it’s apparently really nice. I figured with my useless dick I need to have sexual fun somehow so I am into sexy black men with huge cocks.
Hvad jeg ikke tænder på
When girls aren’t genuine when they see of hear about my dick. I don’t like it when they pretend like it’s really nice when I know they aren’t telling the truth. I’d rather hear the brutal truth and actually hear people react the way they want to which is laugh hysterically and make fun of it.
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